Poster instructions

Thank you for submitting a poster to the TAS Symposium. All posters will be displayed during both sessions, and you will need to attend at least one of the sessions. Posters should be of size A0, in portrait orientation and use fonts of size equal to or larger than 24 points (for legibility reasons). The TAS Symposium aims to promote inclusivity, and therefore we ask you to consider the following accessibility recommendations in the design of your poster:

  • Favour sans-serif fonts for content.
  • Preferably 72-158 points font for title text.
  • Preferably 42-56 points font for section title text.
  • Preferably 24-36 points font for content text.
  • Please use enough contrast between text and background.
  • Please use preferably dark text on light background.
  • Please use left-aligned text.
  • Keep the text as short as possible.
  • Use a common layout (top to bottom, and left to right if necessary)
  • Try to clearly delineate sections, using white space or lines, to make the layout easy to parse at a distance.

Printing your poster locally

If you find yourself unable to print the poster before attending the symposium or need to print the poster locally for practical reasons, please read the following instructions. Be mindful however that you will need to take back or dispose of your poster after the symposium.