Information about TAS '23 venue

The First International Symposium on Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS ‘23) will be held at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK. Getting to the campus from the city centre takes approximately 30-40 minutes by bus. Check out the University’s website for parking information and directions to the campus. You can find the campus map here.

An image of people walking along a flat paved path on the Heriot-Watt campus Source: AccessAble Heriot-Watt University

The main conference centre for the TAS Symposium 2023 is the James Watt Centre (Number 1 in map), formed by two interlinked venues (James Watt Centre I and II). Some events will also take place at the National Robotarium (Number 24 in map).

An image of the campus map Main HWU Campus locations for the TAS Symposium. Buildings of interest have been marked with a red dotted line. Note that the James Watt 2 Tower is the main entrance to the James Watt Auditorium.

Each building has their own dedicated parking. Visit Heriot-Watt University’s pages on the AccessAble website for more information on access features at James Watt Centre I, James Watt Centre II, and the National Robotarium.

More information on the accessibility measures put in place by the venue and the Symposium Organising Committee can be found here.

Entering the James Watt Centre (main venue)

To enter the James Watt Centre please make your way to the James Watt 2 Tower, shown in the image above. This is to prevent a bottleneck forming at the Main Reception. Signs will be placed outside the building to guide you to the Tower.

An image of the schematic for the James Watt Centre James Watt Centre layout. Each of the conference venues is indicated in this map, including the James Watt Auditorium, the Hall, and the Poster Area. The red dotted lines indicate the Tower (main) entrance and toilet locations.

The Tower entrance leads into the main atrium, where posters will be presented and refreshments served. Note the locations of each conference presentation venue; the James Watt Auditorium and the Hall.


Toilets are located at the back of the atrium and off the back left hand corner of the James Watt Auditorium.

National Robotarium

The National Robotarium (building 24 on the Campus Map) is situated at the north edge of the campus, with a boundary road passing in front of it. Please see the image below for information about public parking and bus stops closest to the National Robotarium.

An image of the schematic for the location of The National Robotarium on campus National Robotarium access and car parking information. Note that the nearest public car park to the National Robotarium is Car Park I.

Walking route from the James Watt Centre to the National Robotarium

On the evening of Day 1 (11th July) from 1645-1800 a reception will be held at the National Robotarium. This will include the ECR Awards presentation.

As such delegates will need to make their way from the main venue, the James Watt Centre, to the National Robotarium, on the other side of the campus.

The image below provides an accessible walking map from the James Watt Centre to the Robotarium.

An image of the walking route from the James Watt Centre to the National Robotarium Directions from the James Watt Centre to the National Robotarium (details below).

James Watt Center to National Robotarium navigation steps

  1. Exit the James Watt Centre Main entrance (see map above), turn right, and make your way to the skyway linking corridor. The skyway can also be accessed by entering the building at the Main reception, turning right, and following the corridor.
  2. From the skyway, continue straight walking until you reach a set of stepsteps. Alternatively, there is a lift at the end of the skyway on the left hand side.
  3. Once you have taken the lift/stairs down you will see a shop, bank machine, and café (The Piece) on your left. Continue down this corridor until you reach The Piece café.
  4. Opposite The Piece Café there is a set of doors leading out onto the lawn. Exit through these doors, follow the footpath to the left, and take either the steps or ramp down to the next level. There is a cycle path on the next level down, so be careful on your approach.
  5. You will now be situated somewhere between buildings 17 (David Brewster) and 19 (William Perkin) on the Campus map. There is a road (Gait 2) that runs between them. Follow this to the end, and join the pavement on the left once you pass the postgraduate centre.
  6. Continue along the pavement to the left and you will reach a pedestrian crossing near a bus stop.
  7. Cross the road and continue onto the National Robotarium.

Collecting posters from Media services

Media services (location G on the Campus map) are located on the north-eastern edge of the campus, next to boundary road north. Delegates who have had posters printed at Media services will need to make their way there and back to the James Watt Centre. Below is a map that shows the possible walking routes to Media services.

One option is to follow the same route as you would to the National Robotarium (see route details above), but to take a right on a pavement as you pass the Postgraduate centre, instead of taking a left. Media services are located at the end of the pavement on the right-hand side.

The other option is to follow the pavement outside the main reception, back towards the roundabout, and to take a left. Follow the pavement down boundary road east until you reach the north-east corner of the campus, where media services are located.

An image of the location of Media Services at Heriot-Watt University Map of walking routes to HWU Media Services are indicated by the red dotted lines. Other footpaths are shown in yellow. Delegates collecting their posters from this Media Services are encouraged to make their collection in a timely manner.

We’re here to help!

If you have any questions about navigating the Heriot-Watt Campus, please speak to the student volunteers or event staff. They are ready and willing to help!