Posters at TAS '23

Floorplan ID Title Author(s) Theme
1 The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Research Cards – Introduction and Work in Progress Peter Craigon, Debra Fearnshaw, Oliver Fisher and Emma Hadfield-Hudson RRI
2 Implementing Responsible Research Innovation Prompts and Practice Cards in a project investigating Instantaneous Trust Sachini Weerawardhana, Justyna Lisinska, Michael Akintunde, Hugo Araujo, Genovefa Kefalidou, Elena Nichele, Yang Lu, Oli Malpass, Aaron Roberts and Ioana Sandu RRI
3 Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Prompts and Practice Cards: a Tool to Support Responsible Practice Virginia Portillo, Chris Greenhalgh, Peter J. Craigon and Carolyn Ten Holter RRI
4 Ethnography in Support of RRI: Understanding Social Contexts in Autonomous Systems Design Glenn Mcgarry, Andrew Crabtree and Alan Chamberlain RRI
5 Responsible AI and the Arts: The Ethical and Legal Implications of AI in the Arts and Creative Industries Anna Maria Piskopani, Alan Chamberlain and Carolyn Ten Holter RRI
6 Using a Knowledge Cafe approach as a public engagement activity for raising awareness of data protection issues in robotics for health and social care Anna Maria Piskopani, Helena Webb and Praminda Caleb-Solly RRI
7 Responsible Agency Through Answerability: Cultivating the Moral Ecology of Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Shannon Vallor, Nadin Kokciyan, Nayha Sethi, Michael Rovatsos, Tillmann Vierkant, Louise Hatherall and Dilara Kekulluoglu Assessment & Validation
8 A Framework for Assurance and Trustworthiness Assessment of Autonomous Systems Adeshola Lawal Assessment & Validation
9 Designing for Continuous Validation in Adaptive Systems Chris Bennett Assessment & Validation
10 Safe and Ethical Algorithms for Navigation of Automated Vehicles (C-NAV) on a Highway with a Variable Trust Setting James E. Pickering AV, Ethics
11 Mental Workload Estimation using fNIRS in Robotic Teleoperation Aleksandra Landowska Brain Computer Interfaces
12 Insight of Neuroimaging: Quantifying Cognitive Stress for Human-Robot Collaboration in Smart Factories Arshia Arif Brain Computer Interfaces
13 Digital twins for human-assistive robot teams in ambient assisted living Jialin Chen, Jeremie Clos, Dominic Price and Praminda Caleb-Solly Digital Twins
14 Swarm Medicine: Developing guidance for in-human testing of emerging swarm-based cancer nanomedicines Matimba Swana, Jonathan Ives and Sabine Hauert Drones
15 Applying the Schema World Action Research method to Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships to investigate potential system errors Kirsty Lynch, Katherine Plant, Aaron Roberts, Victoria Banks and Dominic Taunton Drones
16 From Sim-to-Real: Evaluating Fault Discriminatory Metrics for a Robot Swarm Suet Lee and Sabine Hauert Drones
17 Probabilistic Modeling for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in Drone-Supported Autonomous Wheelchairs Franca Corradini, Francesco Flammini and Alessandro Antonucci Drones
18 Investigating stakeholder participation in UK agricultural robotics development Kirsten Ayris, Eliot Dixon, Alice Mauchline and David Christian Rose Drones
19 Towards explainable and trustworthy autonomous underwater search using logic-based machine learning Alan Hunter Drones
20 Control Framework for Trustworthy Autonomous Drone Considering Ethical and Dynamic Constraints Abdul Manan Khan Drones, Ethics
21 Intuitive judgements towards AI verdicts of moral transgressions Yuxin Liu Ethics
22 Explanation Styles for Trustworthy Autonomous Systems David Robb Explanation
23 Theory of Mind and Trust in Human-Robot Navigation Peter E McKenna, Marta Romeo, Jhielson Pementel, Mohammed Diab and Meriam Moujahid HRI
24 Memory Practices for More Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Toward Living and Working with Robots Better Samuel Baker, Elliott Hauser and Justin Hart HRI
25 Cooking Up Trust: Eye Gaze and Posture for Trust-Aware Action Selection in Human-Robot Collaboration Cedric Goubard and Yiannis Demiris HRI
26 TAS for Cats: An Artist-led Exploration of Trustworthy Autonomous Systems for Companion Animals Eike Schneiders, Alan Chamberlain, Joel E. Fischer, Steve Benford, Simon Castle-Green, Ayse Kucukyilmaz, Pepita Barnard, Ju Row Farr, Matt Adams, Nick Tandavanitj, Kate Devlin, Clara Mancini and Daniel Mills HRI
27 Building Trust in Assistive Robotics: Insights From a Real-World Mobile Navigation Experiment Nico Lingg and Yiannis Demiris HRI
28 Empowering future care workforces: Scoping human capabilities to leverage assistive robotics Cian O'Donovan, Praminda Caleb-Solly, Siabhainn Russell and Praveen Kumar HRI
29 A Privacy-Preserving Observatory of Misinformation using Linguistic Markers - A Work in Progress Jeremie Clos, Emma McClaughlin, Pepita Barnard, Tino Tom and Sudarshan Yajaman NLP
30 Predicting Stance to Detect Misinformation in Few-shot Learning Xin Yu Liew, Nazia Hameed, Jeremie Clos and Joel E. Fischer NLP
31 Meet your Maker: A Social Identity Analysis of Robotics Software Engineering Carlos Gavidia-Calderon, Amel Bennaceur, Tamara Lopez, Anastasia Kordoni, Mark Levine and Bashar Nuseibeh Psychology
32 Would you cross the road? Modelling interactions between the factors influencing pedestrians’ decisions when exposed to automated vehicles Sachita Shahi, Stewart Birrell, Ashim Debnath, Ben Horan and William Payre Psychology, AV
33 Evaluating (semi)-autonomous systems in policing and national security: a new framework based on the concept of ‘intelligence’ Marion Oswald, Luke Chambers and Angela Paul Sociotechnical Systems, HAI & HRI
34 Days 2022- Booklet of articles & posters Alix Outreach
35 TAME Pain: Trustworthy AssessMEnt of Pain from Speech and Audio for the Empowerment of Patients Eike Schneiders, Jennifer Williams, Arya Farahi, Tina Seabrooke, Ganesh Vigneswaran, John Robert Bautista, Liz Dowthwaite and Anna-Maria Piskopani Sociotechnical Systems, HAI & HRI
36 Storyboarding a Serious Game Environment for Evaluating the Impact of Empathetic AI for Sonar Operators Madalin Facino, Alan Hunter, Christof Lutteroth, Aaron Roberts and Samantha Dugelay Sociotechnical Systems, HAI & HRI
37 DORIAN: Doctor-centred Auditing of Healthcare AI With Testing of Fairness Pepita Barnard, John Robert Bautista, Joshua Krook, Anqi Liu, Héctor Menéndez, Aurora Schmidt and Tamim Sookoor Sociotechnical Systems, HAI & HRI
38 Embodied Conversational Agents: Trust, Deception and the Suspension of Disbelief Matthew Aylett, Mei Yii Lim, Katerina Pappa, Bruce Wilson, Ruth Aylett and Mario Parra Sociotechnical Systems, HAI & HRI
39 Verifiably Safe and Trusted Human-AI Systems: A Socio-technical Perspective Michael Akintunde, Victoria Young, Vahid Yazdanpanah, Asieh Salehi Fathabadi, Pauline Leonard, Michael Butler and Luc Moreau Sociotechnical Systems, HAI & HRI
40 Augmented Robotic Telepresence (ART): A Prototype for Enhancing Remote Interaction and Participation Gisela Reyes-Cruz, Andriana Boudouraki, Dominic Price, Joel Fischer, Stuart Reeves, Maria Galvez Trigo and Horia Maior Telepresence
41 Trust and Trustworthiness in Robotic Surgery: A Narrative Review Gowri Pradeep, Prokar Dasgupta, Sylvaine Tuncer and Paul Luff
42 AGRITRUST: A Testbed to Enable Trustworthy Smart AgriTech Carl Dickinson, Shishir Nagaraja, Mujeeb Ahmed and Richard Hyde
43 Co-creating Museum Robots with People that are Autistic and/or have Learning Disabilites Harriet Cameron, Matthew Story, Gisela Reyes Cruz, and Maria Jose Galvez Trigo
44 ATRACT Alireza Tamaddoni Nezhad
AD1 A Practical Taxonomy of TAS-related Usecase Scenarios Peta Masters, Victoria Young, Alan Chamberlain, Sachini Weerawardhana, Peter McKenna, Yang Lu, Liz Dowthwaite, Paul Luff and Luc Moreau Artistic demo 1
AD2 Jess+ Craig Vear Artistic demo 2