Second International Symposium on Trustworthy
Autonomous Systems (TAS '24)


TAS ’24 will be held in Austin, TX from September 16-18, 2024

Our call for papers

We invite submissions on research focused on trustworthy autonomous systems (TAS), responsible and ethical artificial intelligence, and human-machine interaction.

Autonomous systems involve software applications and machines that can take actions with little or no human supervision. We are particularly interested in socio-technical systems involving both humans and machines working together, and automated decision-making processes and the ways in which they are employed by and impacting people. Trustworthy autonomous systems (TAS) generate positive outcomes and mitigate potentially harmful outcomes for people, societies, economies, and the environment.

We invite full-paper submissions, poster abstracts, and workshop proposals on research that addresses the challenges of designing, building, and deploying Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS). Contributions may consider technical, social, legal, and ethical issues and their impacts on individuals, society, and the economy. Submissions may come from disciplines including, but not limited to, engineering, computer science, psychology, social sciences, law, and arts & humanities. There will also be an event before the conference for Doctoral students and Early Career Researchers in these areas.

Submissions will be selected for publication following peer review. Submission information for papers, posters, and workshops has now closed. Proceedings, including full papers and abstracts, will be published in the ACM Digital Library.

In addition to the papers and workshop tracks, we have 3 new tracks that are accepting submissions:

  1. A fast track for papers that will be published in the ACM Library conference proceedings (full drafts due July 25).
  2. A track for previously published papers that we will showcase and discuss at the Symposium, but not publish in the conference proceedings (self-nominations for these also due July 25).
  3. A non-archival posters track, particularly suitable for researchers more used to non-archival conferences (poster proposals due September 2).

Liz Dowthwaite, University of Nottingham, UK
Justin Hart, Good Systems, The University of Texas at Austin, US
TAS '24 General chairs